Bringing objectivity and intelligence to technology assessment

Based at Medicon Village in Lund, Sweden and in San Diego, California, Diagnostic and Defense Technology Analysts is a technology commercialization provider that supports companies through innovative partnerships and strategic alliances by supplying market intelligence and science-driven technology assessments.

Aligning research and technology projects with market expectations early in the development and commercialisation process is an important step but companies can find creating an objective assessment challenging.
"I have been working in this field since 1997 and I have seen a lot of decisions made based on the three Gs: 1) Gut feeling, 2) Google, and 3) Guys with MBAs. There was a need in the market for objective technology assessment tools that provide scientific and weighted scores" said Adolfsson. One of the nice things about the TechAdvance online software assessment tool is that it is industry agnostic and is weighted by the phase of development of the research or technology. Most of what is currently out in the market is a part of the commercialization process for technology that has already been patented.
Diagnostic and Defense Technology Analysts' assessments play a role in decision-making, particularly for startups and smaller companies that don't have the digital infrastructure, and can be used in product development and optimisation.
"Lund University's technology transfer hub, LU Innovation, is the latest client in our portfolio of companies," said Adolfsson.

The technology behind the company
Diagnostic and Defense Technology Analysts uses the TechAdvance online software assessment tool to provide companies with an objective review of their technology. This tool was developed by the Muenster University of Applied Science in Germany and by its spinout Apprimo.
The software, which is as a result of many years of study, assesses technologies by phase of development rather than by industry. The aim is to help companies maximise their potential, and to see the obstacles and work out how to solve them. The final score is numerical, and is compared against the maximum possible score.
The tool is weighted so that answers to questions such as the stage of the project will have an impact on later questions, making the assessment more relevant to the project. It is also customisable, and can be used alongside other assessment processes.
"The outcomes from the tool can help companies rank their projects and prioritise people and resources. Because the tool is objective and unbiased, it makes having to turn projects down seem less personal," said Adolfsson.

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