Symbol of diversity at the heart of Helsingborg

The globalised world largely allows for business to be conducted regardless of geographical boundaries. In the same way, the choices of when and where to study and work have never been as extensive as they are now. The city of Helsingborg clearly embraces this through the International School of Helsingborg.

New opportunities are born and thrive in an increasingly international environment. Sweden and in particular the Oresund region, including the city of Helsingborg, is known for its ability to embrace the opportunities that are born from globalisation. This becomes evident though the way that a lot of companies and organisations in the Oresund region are international with a multinational workforce.
The international environment sets high standards with regards to education, which is no less evident at Pre-school and Primary School levels. Aiming to embody a wider perspective on education and learning, the city of Helsingborg has established a school that meets the needs of its international citizens.
Over two decades ago the International School of Helsingborg started small – with only a handful of students at Primary- and Middle School levels. Today the school is flourishing with students from Pre-school up to Middle School level, in addition to an extensive Diploma Programme with International Baccalaureate. In total, more than 700 students started this term.

Symbol of diversity
The Pre-, Primary- and Middle schools at the International School of Helsingborg provide an alternative for families temporarily residing in the area, and for those planning to move overseas. The aim is to provide a comprehensive form of education which is compatible with programmes at other international schools around the world. The Diploma programme with International Baccalaureate (IB) is open to anyone wishing to embrace the opportunities of an educational program which is recognised anywhere in the world.
Both students and teachers represent a large number of nationalities. The International School of Helsingborg is more or less a symbol of diversity and underlines the importance to value international collaboration. According to the school principal Öivind Linnerud, the International School of Helsingborg is very much the heart of the international community in Helsingborg; “We have an extensive program of activities for both students and their families”. Seasonal events such as winter and spring fares, sports days, formal dances and musical productions are available throughout the year.
“An important function of the school alongside the academic mission is to guide and integrate the families into the Swedish society by providing these activities, as well as advice on various matters that are crucial during their stay”, says Öivind Linnerud.
The International School of Helsingborg clearly has an important mission in terms of providing an all-inclusive and internationally viable education – as well as being a stepping stone for the international citizens of the Oresund region.

Kort om International School of Helsingborg
International School of Helsingborg erbjuder en komplett skolgång från förskola och upp till högstadiet för barn i familjer som befinner sig i Sverige tillfälligt. Skolan har dessutom ett gymnasieprogram, International Baccalaureate, med ungefär samma studienivå som en svensk gymnasieutbildning men som omfattar en internationellt gångbar plattform som möjliggör fortsatta studier både i Sverige och utomlands. Programmet är öppet för svenska såväl som internationella studenter.

Nordvästra Skåne SNL 2017-4 - Affärstidningen Näringsliv

Näringsliv 2017-4

Huvudtema: Nordvästra Skåne
Familjen Helsingborg – en region i ständig utveckling

Vårt unika samarbete i nordvästra Skåne har en lång historia. I nuvarande form har samarbetet pågått i snart 30 år. Vårt samarbete bygger på att alla vinner – summan av delarna gör oss starkare. Precis som samarbetet i hela Skåne och Greater Copenhagen ger oss kraft att ta plats i större sammanhang. Nationellt och internationellt.

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