TFS International, Global in mind, local at heart

Founded in 1996 by CEO Daniel Spasic, TFS International is a global mid-size clinical contract research organization (CRO), with around 850 people at offices in 23 countries, with an operational footprint covering 40 countries. TFS is a full service CRO, supporting Phase 1 to Phase 4 clinical trials and real-world evidence (RWE) studies.
The requirement for high quality data is becoming more and more stringent. In response pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are turning to specialist CROs that can provide the resources and expertise required, particularly in the more complex therapy areas such as oncology and immunology.

Together every step of the way
The services of TFS range from global clinical trial planning, scientific advice, clinical operations and monitoring and medical writing to functional service provider (FSP) solutions, regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance and biometrics.
"We see ourselves as very customer focused. Our aim is to guide our customers through the entire clinical trials process and our goal is to add value to our customer base," said Roy Ovel, Executive Vice President, Global Business Development.

Global but local at heart
TFS has expanded through organic growth and strategic acquisitions, both towards Eastern Europe and the USA. Throughout this growth the company has retained its focus on key therapy areas such as dermatology, oncology, ophthalmology, immunology and neurology.
TFS has achieved global leadership in dermatology following the successful acquisition of SCIderm in Germany, a highly specialized and niched dermatology CRO. The acquisition clearly demonstrates the strategic opportunities TFS is pursuing, looking for the best companies with a deep scientific, medical and regulatory expertize in their prioritized therapeutic areas.
"Acquisitions allow us to gain scientific and medical expertise, as well as expand our reach, and add value for our clients. Acquiring this leading dermatology CRO has allowed us to reach 350 sites across Europe and North America, as well as giving us access to a site management network and increasing our contacts will a large pool of investigators and key opinion leaders," says Ovel.
In the future TFS plans to further expand its real-world evidence and health economics capabilities, with a focus on value creation, both for TFS and its customers.
"We expect to see a larger focus on big data, real-world evidence and the use of technology in research. These are all interesting and exciting topics, and rather than being pioneers, we would look to collaborate with the leaders in the marketplace in order to provide what our customers will need," said Ovel. "We will continue to watch what regulators want within the regulatory framework, so that we can understand where we can add real value.”

It's all about trust
According to Ovel, successful collaborations and partnerships are based on trust, and TFS aims to be a trusted partner through the whole clinical trial journey. The company is dedicated to ethics and transparency in everything they do.

It has to be fun
Where its employees are concerned, TFS is dedicated to making the job enjoyable.
"We ask our employees to be committed, but we believe that the job has to be fun too. This is a key part of the culture of our organization," said Ovel.

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Näringsliv 2017-3

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