Larix: Quality on time and on budget

Family-founded and privately-owned, Copenhagen-based Larix is a full-service CRO founded in 2001. With offices in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway, Larix is the largest Scandinavian CRO in the field of biometrics.

Klaus Juel Olsen, Larix's CEO, founded the Danish CRO in 2001 with an initial focus on statistics and biometrics. This has created a accompany that has a strength and depth of knowledge in statistics and data management that makes it unusual amongst its peers. However, as Olsen explained, there is much more to the company than this:
"We are a full-service provider with a broad set of skills and expertise across clinical trials and clinical development. We know the business culture of the Nordic region and can access the local experts and networks through our five offices in four countries. We work in close cooperation with our clients and we believe that we can provide the skills and support that small companies cannot otherwise access."

Building on its strengths
Over the 16 years since its founding, Larix has expanded to offer full-service solutions and has built up departments within data management and system validation, clinical operations, medical writing quality assurance and pharmacovigilance. Larix offers a number of different levels of services, from single tasks and customised solutions, through outsourcing of professionals, to managing the full clinical development process.
"We work across a wide variety of indications, at all stages from phase 1 to phase 4. We have in-house expertise and experience in oncology, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, orphan drugs, vaccines and many other indications," said Olsen.
The company provides support for pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies, including: data management, planning and managing all phases of clinical trials, clinical operations, writing services, such as regulatory, medical, and publications support, pharmacovigilance, statistics, data monitoring committees, system validation, audits, and QA support.
"Our strength is in our employees and their skills, and in the quality of the services we provide. As a small and independent company, we are flexible and agile, and can adapt to change and make decisions more rapidly than some larger companies," said Olsen.
Larix's specialist data management and statistical services include: designing databases and web based data entry solutions; the choice of trial design and power calculations; creating statistical analysis plans; statistical reports; and interim analyses and meta-analyses. Larix also provides non-clinical statistical services for R&D laboratories and production plants.

Growing across the Nordic region
In the beginning of 2015 Larix took a strategic decision and opened up an office in Sweden Stockholm. Later the same year Larix got the opportunity to expand further within the Nordic area by taking over the CRO Norma, including its people, offices and projects.
"This acquisition gave us offices in Finland, Norway and Sweden Lund, along with new employees and new skills. We have around 60 full-time employees now, and we plan to grow further, particularly in our Lund office," said Olsen.

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