Investing to advance healthcare outcomes

This is a year of investment and innovation for world-leading medical solutions company Mölnlycke, which specialises in wound management, pressure ulcer prevention and surgical solutions.

‘We’re here to equip healthcare professionals to perform at their best,’ says Katriina Öberg, General Manager Region North at Mölnlycke. ‘Our focus is on improving outcomes: advancing standards of care and offering better value for money.’

Investing to improve outcomes in operating rooms
Already Europe’s largest provider of tailor-made procedure trays for use in operating rooms, Mölnlycke recently opened its largest investment to date – a €67 million state-of-the-art factory in the Czech Republic to expand production.

‘Trays mean less opening and set-up time for operations,’ says Katriina. ‘Enabling surgical teams to carry out more procedures, and helping them to improve outcomes.

Innovating to improve pressure ulcer prevention
Mölnlycke also leads the way with technologies to prevent pressure ulcers. This year, the company published the Mölnlycke® Prevention Programme. This evidence-based guide for hospitals includes advice on assessing patient risk and using dressings and innovative patient turning and positioning technologies to redistribute pressure from stress points.

Pressure ulcer prevention in action
The orthopaedic ward at Växjö Hospital has seen great success in improving the incidence of pressure ulcers, as nurse Anna Ekström explains.

“In 2011 we started to complement our conventional regimen of careful examinations of skin conditions, use of mattresses and repositioning patients frequently and dietary consideration with monthly follow-ups. At that time we had an incidence level of pressure ulcers at 15%. After adding the Mepilex® Border Sacrum dressing to patients at risk we managed to reduce it less than half; 7%, and now we are at 4 %. Our mind is set on prevention and we will take all measures needed.”

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Näringsliv 2017-3

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