Building the value of intellectual property

Valea, a company 100% owned by its staff, provides comprehensive services in intellectual property rights from its offices in Gothenburg, Malmö and Stockholm.

The world of intellectual property (IP) can be a complex and daunting one, especially for small startups with only a handful of staff. Getting intellectual property (IP) right first time, for example the patent for a core drug or technology, is essential, as defending a crucial but weak patent further down the line can be difficult and expensive. Valea and its employees bring decades of experience and specialist knowledge to help its clients establish, defend and commercialise their intellectual property, such as patents, trademarks, designs and domain names.

From concept to commercialisation
Valea works with small biotech startups to global companies, and its staff have the expertise and experience to offer strategic IP advice and be involved in the entire product development lifecycle, from concept to commercialisation.
"We have a strong focus on IP law in a commercial context, and we aim to help our customersto generate commercial value with their intellectual property assets," said Valea senior partner, Ylva Skoglösa.
The company offers consulting services over all aspects of intellectual property rights (IPR), such as copyright, market law and secret know-how, as well as helping to support companies in contract negotiations with partners, licensees, and investors. Other services include IP valuation, due diligence and freedom-to-operate analyses.
"We can even 'rent out' members of staff to small and medium pharma and biotech companies, providing them with an IP management person who can work in-house," said Skoglösa.

Quality at every stage
With a staff of around 80 people, Valea is one of the prominent IP specialists in Sweden.
"Our employees include European patent, design and trademark attorneys and lawyers with expertise within the intellectual property rights field. They have extensive experience and expertise in all areas of technology and related legal issues. Many of our patent attorneys and patent agents are qualified in both Swedish and European IP law, and when we need to prosecute or litigate in national courts, where we cannot act directly we have a well-established worldwide network of partners " said Skoglösa.
A solid base of Valea's clients originate from Sweden, but a growing segment of the clients is international.
"We are currently expanding our international business. For example, we have a US patent agent on our staff, and two Chinese patent agents. Their expertise is very valuable, for example they can help us to ensure that our European patents are drafted to also fit for other patent jurisdictions. They are a useful in-house asset for us in catering to the large markets of China and the USA. On a similar note, we also have a Chartered Patent Attorney (UK) on our team" said Skoglösa.
Skoglösa sees the Valea life sciences team as a strong and customer-minded one: "In some companies, clients will initially see the senior staff, but the bulk of the business is conducted by less experienced and more junior staff. We pride ourselves that what you see with us is what you get; our clients will work with experienced staff from beginning to end."

Skoglösa herself is an excellent example of this – she is a European patent attorney and has a PhD in Medical Research. Her expertise includes patenting of protein pharmaceuticals, including their formulation and production, as well as patenting of transgenic animals and protection of plants. In June, Skoglösa was named as one of the world's top 300 leading IP strategists in IAM Strategy 300.

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