End-to-End Patent Management

Ström & Gulliksson is a top-tier European patent firm, offering end-to-end patent management, including searches, strategic advice, filing and prosecution, validation, opposition and appeal, and litigation. Staying focused on their client’s business model, they create Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) that carry real commercial value, leveraging money spent.

Though patent protection is and remains their core business, the business mindedness of the patent attorneys of Ström & Gulliksson enables them to see beyond the patent application and take a holistic approach from the perspective of their client’s business model.

”To investigate the IP guided by the business concept with the invention in focus is our way of doing business and it’s appreciated among our customers. We experience that they don’t find this competence in many places elsewhere. It’s also been acknowledged by companies abroad who come to us for EPO applications, which has contributed to our good growth over the last years,” says Rikard Roos, Senior Partner, CEO and European Patent Attorney at Ström & Gulliksson, headquartered in Malmö and with local offices in Lund, Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Live Watch Based on Business Model
To facilitate their analyses, Ström & Gulliksson uses their cost-effective business intelligence tool ‘WatchOut’, which gives the clients insight into the whereabouts of their competitors.

”We set up a live watch, based on their business model, which gives the client an overview of the current situation, covering market trends and potential threats from competing rights. Then we analyse the results most relevant to the client’s business. This is perfectly in line with our focus on our client’s business model,” Rikard Roos adds.

It can also be used by investors, with a range of companies in their portfolio, who need to evaluate the real potential of a business project in order to decide whether to invest in it or not.

Thorough Experience of Litigations
For a successful life science company, there'll always come a time when someone risking to infringe their patents wants to buy or license them. In situations of potential infringements or breaches of contracts, they can rely on Ström & Gulliksson’s extensive experience of major litigations to help them out.

”We’ve been involved in litigations to an extent quite unique among Swedish patent firms. These experiences also benefit smaller companies, since the attorneys who counsel in the major litigations are the same attorneys who give advice to the firm’s smaller clients,” says Dr Magnus Berglund, Partner and European Patent Attorney at Ström & Gulliksson and head of their Life Science team.

In legal processes, they will also benefit from the patent firm’s long-standing cooperation with Gulliksson, a top-tier Swedish law firm. ”The lawyers at Gulliksson are specialised in IPR and together we successfully counsel clients in national and international patent litigations,” he adds.

With their deep knowledge of advanced technologies, the patenting process, IPR and viable business models, Ström & Gulliksson offers true end-to-end patent management. However, their work doesn’t stop with the creation of the client’s patent portfolio, but also involves assisting in getting them financing, representation in their Board etc., in collaboration with Gulliksson law firm.

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Näringsliv 2017-1

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Creating opportunities

Building a successful life science cluster in Medicon Valley, the life science region and brand of Greater Copenhagen, is all about creating opportunities. Consequently, creating opportunities has been the tagline of Medicon Valley Alliance for years.

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