A Hope for Cure of Osteoarthritis

Xintela is a Swedish biomedical company working in the fields of regenerative medicine and cancer, with particular focus on osteoarthritis and the brain tumour glioblastoma.

Osteoarthritis is a disabling and often very painful chronic joint disease that involves a gradual degeneration of the cartilage.
It is estimated that 630 million people worldwide suffer from osteoarthritis and the total global market for osteoarthritis therapy is expected to grow from the current USD 3.6 billion (2014) to USD 9.2 billion (2024).
Xintela’s patented marker technology, XINMARK™, makes it possible to identify and select a certain type of stem cells which can develop into cartilage cells and thus have the potential to repair cartilage and cure osteoarthritis.
The product market for horses with osteoarthritis is also big and veterinary products can reach the market faster than therapeutic products for humans. Xintela’s recently completed a six-month study on horses with a type of cartilage damage that mimics post-traumatic osteoarthritis.
The study was conducted at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York and demonstrated that Xintela’s allogeneic (donated) mesenchymal stem cells are safe and did not cause pain or other adverse events. Furthermore, Xintela’s selected stem cells can protect joint cartilage from further damage after injury and also prevent damage to the underlying bone.
”The results give us confidence to take the next step in the development of a horse stem cell product. The results are also very important in our efforts to obtain regulatory approval to support clinical trials in humans. Our goal is to demonstrate Proof-of-Concept in humans and then identify a partner for further development and commercialisation,” says Evy Lundgren-Åkerlund, CEO and founder of Xintela.
“The company is currently in a phase where we're about to scale up production of cells for clinical trials on horse and man. The new cell and gene therapy centre in Medicon Village will be of great benefit to Xintela’s clinical and commercial operations,” says Evy Lundgren-Åkerlund.

Novel Treatment of Brain Tumour
The XINMARK™ technology also makes it possible to identify certain tumour cells in order to target an effective treatment to those cells to slow down or even stop tumour growth.
”In our cancer project we focus on glioblastoma, a very aggressive and deadly brain tumour with an average life expectancy of only 15 months with current treatments,” says Evy Lundgren-Åkerlund.
Xintela has developed an antibody that can deliver a drug to the tumour. Recent results from cell studies and animal model have shown that Xintela’s antibody drug conjugate (ADC) can bind to the glioblastoma cells and has a killing effect on the cells.
“These exciting results demonstrate that the concept works. Our next step will be to find a development and commercialisation partner to speed up the work of taking the product to market and to the patients,” says Evy Lundgren-Åkerlund.
The company has a broad and strong patent portfolio, in important markets such as Australia, Europe, USA, Canada and Japan. It has several international collaborations running in Sweden, the EU and the US and is planning for clinical studies in both horse and man.

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