Retailer of Lab Pumps Celebrates 25 Years in the Business

Founded in Gothenburg in 1991, Labinett has delivered precision equipment for pharmas, biotechs, process industries and academic institutes for 25 years.

Labinett is a small company specialising in the fluid flow of gas and liquids, with high demands on precision and durability. The company distributes liquid and vacuum pump systems, mass flow meters and controllers that are often used by laboratories in pharma and biotech companies, as well as in labs at academic departments.
”The pumps distributed by us are produced in small series for special applications. We, for instance, sell a lot of products to the Karolinska Institutet as well as to many small laboratory companies and other university laboratories,” tells James Eriksson, who was involved in founding Labinett 25 years ago and who now works as a part-time consultant for the company.

High Technical Competence
”Our product range covers a broad selection of vacuum pumps, gear pumps for low flows, hose pumps and hoses, peristaltic pumps and tubings, as well as OEM products and flow meters to be embedded in machines and instruments. The products are carefully selected and tested to meet the high demands, not least from the pharma and medtech industries,” he adds.
Labinett’s high technical competence in pumps and fluid flow benefits their customers.
”We’re technicians and can help our customers to find the solution best suited to their needs. We also offer service and support and can often help our customers to service and return a pump within 24 hours from the initial call. In addition, we provide spare parts,” Peter Hellgren, CEO of Labinett since 2013, concludes.

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