Premium Antibodies Produced from Chicken Eggs

Getica AB is a family-owned chemical company that aims at becoming a world-wide supplier of antibody materials, produced from chicken eggs. Founded in 2014, the company has witnessed a rapid development, with a sales growth of 25% per year.

At their chicken farmyard in Mellerud, Getica AB harvests antibodies from the egg substance, which is processed on site. To produce the antibodies, the hens are given vaccines based on recombinant proteins that Getica develops together with a company based in Shanghai.
Extracts of the egg substance are sent to the company’s R&D laboratory at Sahlgrenska Science Park in Gothenburg. Here, the antibodies are developed into assay components for reagent kits that are sold to medical laboratories and OEMs of high throughput analysers.
Getica primarily focuses on products used for emergency care/treatment and inflammatory diseases, such as sepsis, intestinal diseases and gout in children.
Founded in 2014, Getica is already a leading producer of egg antibodies and a supplier of assay components to international diagnostic companies. The company’s annual turnover amounts to MSEK 6 and is growing by approx. 25% per year.

Based on a Swedish Invention
The method of producing antibodies from chicken eggs is a Swedish invention, originated by Professor Anders Larsson at Uppsala University. Many of Getica’s products are developed in collaboration with academic colleagues in Sweden.
”We’re always interested in collaborations with the aim of developing new patented technology that can be out-licensed; and we’re foreseeing and looking forward to many exiting and promising opportunities ahead,” says Dr. Erling Sundrehagen, founder and CEO of Getica AB.
Getica is, for instance, engaged in a collaborative project with Axis-Shield on heparin binding protein, a new marker in sepsis management. The company is also a supplier of reagents to the assay products in two collaborative Eurostars projects, within the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.
”We’re also running a development project of antibodies for use in HIV diagnostics,” Dr. Camilla Fant, CSO of Getica, concludes.

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