Novel Solution Expands Organ Pool

The vision of the medical technology company XVIVO Perfusion is that nobody should have to die waiting for an organ. To expand the donor organ pool the company has developed an ex vivo perfusate and a fully integrated machine for normothermic (37° C) ex vivo lung perfusion.

In 1998, Dr Magnus Nilsson acquired the rights to PERFADEX®, which is used for the preservation of lungs before transplantation. The following year, he started a collaboration with Professor Stig Steen at Lund University to develop a new concept for lung transplantation. The aim was to reach a new group of donors (non-heart beating) using a warm lung perfusion solution, STEEN Solution™, ex vivo.
”Traditionally, only organs from braindead persons are used in transplantations. However, the number of people in that group is declining, while the need is increasing. Hence, many people die waiting for a new organ. With our patented products, poorly functioning donor lungs and lungs from donors who died where the heart suddenly stopped can be assessed and evaluated in normothermic (37° C) outside the body through ex vivo lung perfusion (EVLP) where a warm fluid is pumped through the organ. This method can make more organs available and expand the donor organ pool and thus reduce or possibly eliminate mortality and morbidity on the transplant waiting list. In addition, potential donor lungs can be preserved for 12 hours instead of the normal 6-8 hours,” says Magnus Nilsson, CEO of XVIVO Perfusion AB, headquartered in Gothenburg.

Not Only Applicable on Lungs
To further facilitate EVLP, XVIVO has created the XPS™, a fully integrated machine which incorporates all components required for normothermic EVLP.
”XPS™ is both FDA approved and CE-marked and incorporates a heart lung machine, heater/cooler (15-39°C), in-line gases (pO2, pH), extract and analyse data, and is configured to allow X-ray of lungs in place,” Magnus Nilsson comments.
XVIVO’s technology is not only applicable on ex vivo lungs.
”We’re investigating its effect on other organs as well, such as liver, heart and kidney. With isolated tissue therapy, it could even be used for in vivo applications, such as administration of chemotherapy to an isolated organ inside the body. Even severed limbs may be preserved for longer periods before surgery, using our technology,”

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