Great Potential for Campus Medicinareberget

Akademiska Hus has a fourfold strategy to make Campus Medicinareberget a sustainable, attractive environment and a life science node with short distances between disciplines, sectors and facilities.

”Campus Medicinareberget has enormous potential. Here, Sahlgrenska Academy, the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Gothenburg (GU), is close to the Sahlgrenska University Hospital, as well as the life science companies at the Sahlgrenska Science Park and the Biotech Center,” says Birgitta van Dalen, Regional Director of Akademiska Hus, one of the largest property companies in Sweden, focusing on universities and colleges.
”Our aim is to facilitate for the university so it can perform the best science and education possible, as well as giving it good opportunities to grow. At Medicinareberget we see opportunities for both densification and expansion, and our Vision for 2030 is to create a sustainable, attractive environment and a life science node with short distances between disciplines, sectors and facilities,” she adds.

Four Strategies for the Campus
To achieve the vision, Akademiska Hus has established four strategies for the campus: 1) to gather all disciplines within the life sciences at the campus; 2) to strengthen the bonds to the hospital and the life science centre; 3) to establish a seamless transition between the campus and the rest of the town; and 4) to develop green areas and meeting places for both residents and those who work there.
”One of our guiding principles is to create a common view among all stakeholders, since a shared vision constitutes the foundation for further development,” says Birgitta van Dalen.
If the vision is realised the southern part of Medicinareberget will get an advanced laboratory in connection to the hospital, a campus plaza and an up-graded outdoor environment for the students and researchers active at the campus. In the northern part, classic city blocks will prevail, connecting the town district Linnéstaden with Medicinareberget.
”Cooperation with the other campuses in Gothenburg is also important. The dream would be a city loop with bus or tram that connects all the campuses in the knowledge city of Gothenburg!,” Birgitta van Dalen concludes.

The Forefront of Life Science SNL 2016-4 - Affärstidningen Näringsliv

Näringsliv 2016-4

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