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You might not know it, but AddLife is one of the biggest life science players in the Nordic countries.

Through its 25 subsidiary companies - operating under their own names - AddLife markets and sells healthcare instruments, consumables and related services to private and public sectors customers.

The company’s two business areas – Labtech and Medtech – employ around 450 people and have a combined annual turnover of 1.8 billion SEK.
Artur Aira is Chief Operating Officer at AddLife, “I have a fantastic job. Every day, I get to meet, learn from and help develop the smartest people who are pioneering the latest life science products and technologies. They are adding value to the healthcare industry and improving people’s lives.”

AddLife is the spin-off of the life science business division from the Addtech Group and has been listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm stock exchange since March 2016. Through its heritage from Addtech and, before that Bergman & Beving, AddLife has a history dating back more than 100 years.

“At AddLife, we combine the flexibility, personality and effectiveness of small companies with the resources, network and sustainability of a large company. It’s very rewarding to see how we can maximize potential by empowering people and giving them a framework in which to develop and be the best they can be,” says Aira.
Aira has devoted his entire career to the life sciences. After developing his own company, COSP International, and successful high profile roles at Shimadzu, Organon Teknika and Biomerieux, he joined the Addtech group as CEO for the Life Science Division in 2010.

He considers AddLife to be a seriously attractive option for companies looking to ramp up their results or for entrepreneurs planning to divest their companies, “The companies that join us contribute to and benefit from being part of a larger ecosystem. Besides benefitting from our long experience and the direction we can offer, our companies also learn from each other.”

AddLife has built extensive and long-standing relationships with top suppliers, and the company has a pan-Nordic organization with a highly specialized sales team. Additionally, the AddLife Academy helps member company employees to develop skills such as leadership, sales, business acumen and public procurement.
Companies in the AddLife portfolio include Triolab (diagnostics), BioNordika (biomedical) and Mediplast (medtech).

“Knowledge and passion are everything for us. When we acquire a company, we are not just acquiring market leading products. We also acquire market leading skills, expertise and new perspectives,” says Aira.

“It’s our job to get them sailing in the right direction so that we can all grow together and add more value to our customers and the life science industry as a whole.”

The Forefront of Life Science SNL 2016-4 - Affärstidningen Näringsliv

Näringsliv 2016-4

Huvudtema: The Forefront of Life Science
Creating value through collaboration

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