6,000+ Reference Formats and Bibliographic Databases Just a Click Away

Thomson Reuters’ EndNote has been the most intelligent way of managing bibliographies and references for almost 25 years. Buying it from Alfasoft, the world's largest retailer of EndNote, not only gives you a licence for the superb software itself, but it also gives you access to premium support and education.

With EndNote, the powerful reference management software produced by Thomson Reuters, you can watch the bibliography and figure list appear as you write (Cite While You Write™), search 6,000 online bibliographic databases, collaborate with others using EndNote Online, organise references, images and PDFs and find full text articles.
"The full-text version of your chosen reference is just a click away, as is any of the more than 6,000 reference formats you can chose from. Using EndNote saves you 90% of the time compared to managing references and bibliographies manually," says Sammy Nordqvist, Product Manager for EndNote at Alfasoft, the world's largest retailer of EndNote. Alfasoft is headquartered in Gothenburg with offices in Scandinavia, Germany and the UK and has a network of resellers in several other European countries.
”With EndNote Online you can invite colleagues and team members into your EndNote library, including notes and annotations. It’s also possible to collaborate openly, with the wider research community,” he adds.

Premium Support Launched in 2016
A single-user license can be bought for SEK 2,000 and gives unlimited storage capacity. Companies and universities often lease a number of licences to a low annual cost. One of the benefits of buying or leasing EndNote from Alfasoft is the expertise, training and support they offer.
“Through our efficient StartNote training programme and EndNote Online Demo Days we get customers on track within a few hours. With our new Premium Support, which will be launched in Sweden in Q3/2016 and in the UK and Norway in Q4/2016, our online webinars will be available as one-to-one sessions covering specific issues. We’ll also be able to use our customers’ computers remotely, if they want to, in order to solve a specific problem or task for them,” Sammy Nordqvist concludes.

The Forefront of Life Science SNL 2016-4 - Affärstidningen Näringsliv

Näringsliv 2016-4

Huvudtema: The Forefront of Life Science
Creating value through collaboration

Life science has really become a buzzword; in the Gothenburg region several stakeholders are engaged in the area. Business Region Göteborg, small and medium sized bio- and medtech companies, global pharma like AstraZeneca as well as politicians within Region Västra Götaland stresses the need to develop a strong life science presence in the region ...

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