Specialist Consultants Dedicated to Research-Intensive Industries

Dfind Science & Engineering, formerly Proffice Life Science, is a recruitment agency, specialising on recruitment and lease of scientists and engineers, with a strong commitment to its business areas, customers and consultants.

Stefan Bäckström, Consultant Manager at Dfind Science & Engineering is a good example of the extensive scientific background of the company’s consultants, as well as the company’s care and strong commitment for both its customers and consultants.
His academic career began at The Faculty of Science and Technology at Umeå University in 1991, and was followed by studies in structural biology and protein crystallisation at Uppsala University. He worked on his PhD at the Karolinska Institutet, Max Lab in Lund and Joseph Fourier University in Grenoble, and made a full-circle by completing it at Umeå University in 2003.
His post-doc research in electron microscopy took him to Sahlgrenska Academy in Gothenburg. In 2010, he became a consultant at Proffice Life Science and worked with protein design for drug development at AstraZeneca for four years, until he gained his current position in January 2015.
As Consultant Manager at Dfind Science & Engineering, Stefan reads very special CVs, which would be nearly incomprehensible for anyone without a strong scientific background.
”We work with scientists, engineers and managers in all high-tech industries. If you don’t have an extensive scientific background it’s impossible to determine the true competence of the specialists applying for the jobs offered by our customers. Therefore, all of our recruitment and staffing consultants have technical and scientific background and several are PhDs,” he says.
"With our solid knowledge of human resourcing and extensive experience of recruitment, we understand our customers' needs of flexibility and the right competence."

A Good Career Path
In Gothenburg, 15 recruitment consultants, sourcing and consultant managers at Dfind Science & Engineering assign a three-digit number of consultants to AstraZeneca, Dentsply Implants, SCA, APL, petrochemical industries in Stenungsund and other technical and research-intensive companies in the region. Stefan Bäckström would like to see more of cross-fertilisation between industries, since many of Dfind’s consultants are qualified for working in more than one line of business.
”We endeavour to widen the scope of our consultants and make them realise that their competence fits many companies’ needs. Hence, it would be fruitful if the companies showed more courage in accepting consultants from industries other than their own,” he says.

At Dfind Science & Engineering, the consultants are acknowledged for their skills and competencies and Stefan Bäckström and his colleagues find great joy in coaching them and see them grow and develop.
”We put a lot of effort into being a good employer, offering good terms for our employees. Dfind Science & Engineering should be a good career path for our consultants, as well as a good choice for our customers. We have a holistic view of what we do, with a strong commitment to our business areas, our customers and our consultants,” he says.
A good example of the attractiveness of the consultants at Dfind Science & Engineering is the newly formed partnership with AstraZeneca BioVentureHub. Here, Dfind’s existing consultants located at different parts of AZ can take short-term assignments for the Hub companies and hence act as a link that helps Hub companies to access AstraZeneca’s infrastructure.

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