Making a difference in healthcare

I am delighted to work with a global team of high-performing people passionate about health care - who share my vision to make an impact and help improve patients lives.

Gothenburg-based Mölnlycke Health Care is a successful and sustainable business, thanks to the companys passion for meeting customer needs, global footprint, multicultural workforce and long-term ownership. Staffan Ternström, who hails from the Swedish west coast, is the companys Executive Vice President, Commercial.

I joined Mölnlycke Health Care 18 months ago because I wanted to make a difference. As a world-leading provider of single-use surgical and wound care products, we have an enormous impact on clinicians and patients lives globally. We do that by increasing hospital efficiency, offering effective wound healing and protecting them against surgical infections.
The company has a long history of developing innovative, high quality solutions for customers worldwide. Although we are an international company, we are rooted here in Sweden. We are proud of our strong heritage from the west coast and the entrepreneurial spirit that has consistently fuelled our faster-than-the-market growth. But we never forget our corporate responsibility.

Many people ask me what drives our appetite for innovation, our focus on quality and our approach to corporate responsibility. I believe that our passion for meeting our customers needs and expectations is paramount. We can only be successful by engaging closely with our customers and working to understand them.

Listening to what customers want has led to the development of unique solutions for healthcare facilities that are facing hospital-acquired pressure ulcers – dressings that help reduce costs by preventing ulcers before they start. We also enable Operating Rooms worldwide to optimise their efficiency, with our custom procedure trays that save time and resources.

We respond to changes in the market too. We are breaking new ground with our Negative Pressure Wound Therapy products. We are also now offering our solutions directly to patients by making seven of our advanced wound care products available through CVS Health pharmacies in the US, and pharmacies across Europe.

Being a Swedish company, we understand that our customers have high expectations of us in terms of sustainability. Our corporate social responsibility is inherent in our approach to training clinicians in developing countries such as China, Brazil and Saudi Arabia in the latest techniques for wound management. Our appetite for sustainability goes hand in hand with our customers desire for us to make savings. Efficient supply chain management reduces our costs and brings us closer to our customers – while keeping our carbon footprint low.

We have always thrived by listening to our customers and learning from what they tell us in order to continuously improve what we do. I am delighted to work with a global team of high-performing people passionate about health care - who share my vision to make an impact and help improve patients lives.

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