A softer option often grants more effective treatment

A very innovative and efficient way of getting pharmaceutical substances fast into the blood stream is to combine the advantageous properties of soft lozenges with active ingredients. This is in fact a growing trend throughout the pharmaceutical industry worldwide.

Swedish contract manufacturer Jemedic has developed and manufactured soft lozenges containing active pharmaceutical substances for almost 20 years. This important niche has in fact granted Jemedic a strong position as one of the world’s five GMP-certified manufacturers of pharmaceuticals in this form.

New ways to medicate
Some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies have shown big interest in this type of products, manufactured as lozenges by Jemedic in Gävle, Sweden. In addition to pharmaceuticals, large quantities of herbal and dietary supplements are also produced on contract basis.
The lozenges can be flavoured and shaped in a way that appeals to both adults and children, and are thus much easier to consume than ordinary pills. Although this makes it easier for patients to take their medicine, the main argument behind soft lozenges is that some substances can be absorbed significantly faster in this form compared to standard tablet form.
“We are pure contract manufacturers and as such, we do not develop our own substances. Our work stems from existing formulations and the development of new ways for patients to take their medicine”, says Lars Jern, CEO and one of the founders of Jemedic.
Jemedic has fully equipped in-house laboratories for the development, test and control and finally release of this type of products. The latest technology is, after some investments made, to be applied to the manufacturing process of medical drugs in the form of lozenges. Not least, the company maintains a unique commitment to the client’s products.

The trend is going soft, as in soft medical lozenges
The trend is already strong in North America, where medical soft lozenges have become more or less standard for certain types of drugs and supplements. For the Swedish market, Jemedic has recently manufactured a special type of lozenge containing Omega 3, available in pleasant flavours which make it easier for children to consume.
“This is just one example of how the unique characteristics of the lozenge can be combined with active ingredients to create modern health promoting supplements”, says Lars Jern.
Jemedic uses Gum Arabic (acacia gum) as binding substance in most of the lozenges, as it has the desired characteristics of both enhancing the flavour in a good way and at the same time releasing the active ingredients most effectively.
Lars Jern predicts a bright future for Jemedic based on market demand and consumer behaviour. He concludes:
“Our products are of the times, and our innovative ideas and business model provide us with a head start on a highly competitive market. A flavoursome lozenge containing active ingredients not only simplifies medication, it also creates better results as the substance is absorbed faster. We have a lot to offer the global market and can quickly adapt our production to customer requirements”.

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