Aventure introduces functional foods to new markets

The research and development company Aventure identifies niche products with the potential to become even better products, essentially with health-promoting properties. The company motto; “From market to science to market”, illustrates the core idea behind its activities.

Innovations are often derived from existing ideas and products that can be developed and improved. The most commonly known brand generated by the founders of Aventure so far is Oatly, which was established in 1995. Oatly was introduced as a substitute for dairy products with a small range of oat-based foods. The range has expanded greatly over the years, resulting in today’s wide assortment of oat drinks, ice cream, cooking cream and yoghurt substitutes.

Introducing Oatly in China
Further development of Oatly’s range is still partly managed by Aventure. The company is committed to long-term investments where a complex intervention study involving Chinese schoolchildren is one of the most extensive research activities over the last few years.
Aventure has, along with Chinese health authorities, established a good foundation for further development of Oatly in China. This is primarily based on the expressed need to promote children’s health through better and more nutritious foods, where vitamin and calcium-enhanced oat-based drinks is a widely accepted and preferred alternative to cow’s milk.
“The non-dairy market is rapidly expanding all over China. Oat-based products are not novel to this market, but the way in which we introduce them is”, says Rickard Öste, co-founder and CEO of Aventure.
“We are targeting large and expanding consumer groups as the free school lunch system has been successfully introduced all over China. We know based on the information provided by the Chinese Ministry of Health, that there is a growing need for functional foods that promote children’s health”.

Highly advanced products
“Our primary mission is to develop new and highly advanced products that promote health. We are operating in functional foods, nutrition and adjacent areas. To assist us in our mission we have knowledge and expertise that we have built up over several decades, based on long-term research and studies conducted across geographical and disciplinal borders”, Professor Rickard Öste explains.
Rickard Öste founded Oatly in collaboration with his brother Björn Öste, an established entrepreneur, almost 20 years ago. At the time, Professor Öste was highly involved in the academic sphere, conducting research at Lund University where he still teaches part-time.
“The more research projects I conducted, the more interested I became in the commercial possibilities and the entrepreneurial side of things. Essentially, I wanted to bring good results to practice, to make dreams become reality in order to create better opportunities for tomorrow”, says Rickard Öste.

Sustainable nutritional health
Aventure has brought other successful brands to market, although Oatly is the best-known example. Aventure-owned Glucanova AB holds an advanced oat technology with an associated broad ingredient range for oat bran, whole oats and oat flour. There are yet more examples, all of great potential both in terms of commercial profit and from a human health perspective.
In conclusion, Aventure promotes sustainable nutritional health, where oat and oat-based products are at the core of further development.

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