Vasakronan sees beyond competition

Uppsala Science Park connects innovative companies in practically all business segments. Nano-technology, new materials, Cleantech and Life Science are some of the most prominent knowledge areas. Knowledge and expertise has been allowed to form over several decades at the Uppsala University and the University hospital, now influencing new and established companies at the local science park.

With over 140 companies and organisations, Uppsala Science Park is one of Sweden’s largest creative environments for both new and established businesses. More than half of the residents are small enterprises; some consist of only a couple of researchers, but with very big ideas. There are several examples of innovators who started up small in Uppsala Science Park some years ago, who were able to build up expansive businesses now consisting of 20 to 30 employees or more.
“Uppsala Science Park is different from many other science parks in several ways. One is that it is located in the City centre, where it is more accessible and forms a vital and creative part of Uppsala. Another is that it connects so many different types of businesses, creating opportunities to collaborate in new ways and across boundaries”, says Karin Boberg, Property Manager at Vasakronan, providing the facilities for the Uppsala Science Park.

How to attract the best
Pharmaceutical development companies, Uppsala University researchers, a Biobank, Medical device developers – the various Life Science activities are impressive at Uppsala Science Park. There are also opportunities of extending the existing facilities of 59 000 square metres in order to make room for further development.
“We have a good relationship with other Property Developers such as Akademiska hus and Klövern. Together we can offer so much more in order to attract new businesses to Uppsala. All developments in Uppsala will benefit us sooner or later, so we need to see beyond competition and unite in order to attract the best of the best”, Karin Boberg continues.

Vasakronan aims higher
Uppsala has a long tradition of development within Life Science. “There are many impressive examples of cutting-edge medical developments originating from our environment. In order to match that, as a Property Developer we must advance and continuously develop our own approach. The environment is a key factor that we consider when making any alterations or improvements to our properties”, Karin Boberg underlines.
Vasakronan’s operations are climate neutral and practically all properties and facilities run on renewable energy. The total energy use in all new buildings is only half of the authorised norm. And yet, Vasakronan aims higher.
As CEO Fredrik Wirdenius commented in Vasakronan’s latest Sustainability report, if Sweden is to reach its goal of a 50 per cent cut in energy use, there is a need for change. As it is today, the legislation is too lenient according to Wirdenius.
Vasakronan has already proven that it is possible to create new properties requiring 50 per cent less energy. In order to promote a long-lasting sustainable change, the authorities must come down tougher on the construction and property industries.

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