Taking life-changing steps into the future

The Swedish Life Science sector is dependent on forward-striving, motivated start-up companies. Several years of research and development make up a high knowledge-quota in these companies; very often a light push forward is all that it takes to make this type of businesses successful and profitable. Proffice Life Science is a dedicated partner during the journey forward.

Proffice Life Science offers well-educated, experienced and dedicated personnel with specialist knowledge of the broad Life Science sector. Proffice can team up with any type of company or organization operating within Life Science, from the smallest in-house research company to the large multinational corporations.
The Gothenburg Life Science cluster is evolving rapidly as more and more players realize the potential of operating in close proximity to one of Scandinavia’s most developed and modern hospitals as well as two of Northern Europe’s prime universities. Proffice has not hesitated in identifying the growing potential of the small, knowledge-based start-up companies, often spin-offs from the academic world, residing or wishing to expand in Gothenburg.

Making a life-changing turn
Rubicon Life Science is a fast-growing research-oriented company resident in the expansive Sahlgrenska Science Park in central Gothenburg. Rubicon is now taking a life-changing turn after 15 years of research, earning its name in the wake of the old Latin saying Alea iacta est, meaning “The die is cast”, uttered by Julius Caesar when crossing the river Rubicon in northern Italy.
“We are taking large and bold steps into the future as we are at the verge of launching brand new innovations”, says Fredrik Florberger, new CEO at Rubicon Life Science.
Rubicon has developed a series of patented products and brands known as Carisolv®Gel, Perio+, Carisolv®Detector and Mano+. The first three are dental products and Mano+ is an antibacterial hand lotion that is very kind to the skin, unlike many other antibacterial products.
“We are now developing an extensive distribution network together with large business cooperations and are as a result moving into larger premises. At the same time we are launching new products. Despite our expansive portfolio, we are still not ready to take on the risks of only hiring permanent staff. The entrepreneurial approach that Proffice has shown made ​​it easy for us to make a good choice”, Fredrik Florberger continues.

The balancing of risks
Consultancy is a good way into the dynamic and competitive Life Science sphere. “A lot of people make the mistake in assuming that the consultant's role can never imply a permanent job. It is not true; what consultancy really means is that you have a permanent job with a large and stable company in a dynamic and fast-changing industry”, says Mikael Levin, Business Area Manager at Proffice Life Science.
The smaller Life Science companies are more often than not unable to take the big risk in hiring permanent staff. Proffice has taken on the main risks in recruiting and hiring, as well as funding specialist training and skills development. It is a model that benefits everyone, not least the consultant who gets the opportunity to be part of building something from scratch. This is true for specialist consultant Emelie Svensson, employed by Proffice and stationed at Rubicon working closely with Research and Development Manager Ulrica Almhöjd.
“Emelie is managing her own projects and has proven to be a reliable and dedicated addition to our team. Her experience and expertise is extremely important to us now that we are taking such vital steps into the future”, Fredrik Florberger underlines together with Ulrica Almhöjd.

Building from within
More than 30 per cent of all consultants are offered permanent employment with Proffice’s clients. “We are counting on this and this is our way of building the Life Science sector from within. We are always on the lookout for motivated and experienced specialists looking for new challenges. We know that we have a lot to offer in terms of varied projects and interesting opportunities for anyone wishing to broaden their field of expertise”, Mikael Levin concludes.

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