The future of dentistry is digital

Extensive knowledge in digital dental solutions reconciles with well-established expertise in aesthetic dental materials. The young life science company Biomain was recently acquired by global player Heraeus in an ambition to extend and perfect the group’s portfolio of digitalized prosthetics.

Digital and highly personalised prosthetic solutions are no longer part of some grand vision for a distant future. Heraeus, one of the world's prime manufacturers of aesthetic dental materials, has significantly strengthened its position in Scandinavia by acquiring Biomain, a small life science company with unique expertise primarily in the area of digital prosthetics.

The next generation of modern dentistry
Using digital impression is a method that saves both time and resources in modern dentistry. “As we were ready for our next step in Biomain, we were initially looking for a partner in order to expand our business and enter the world market. At the same time, Heraeus had an ambition to digitize its solutions and strengthen its position in Scandinavia”, Bengt Schölander, Global Manager Implant Prosthetics at Heraeus Dental, explains.
The two companies complement each other well. “Together we provide a broad portfolio of methods, products and material for the next generation of modern dentistry, based on digital technology”, Schölander continues.

Introduced new ways of thinking
Biomain was initially established as a distributor focusing on American implant systems in 2002. Around that time, the dental implant industry was experiencing some drastic and ground-breaking changes. From the very beginning, Biomain was able to create new opportunities primarily concentrated to the Scandinavian market.
“We worked with highly unconventional marketing methods and very early we started to talk about added value and personal service. We challenged our competitors with our unorthodox ways of thinking, and very soon we initiated the development of digital solutions for prosthetics”, says Fredrik Jonsson, Biomain founder and Global Product Manager Implant Prosthetics.
Bengt Schölander joined Biomain in 2008. With experience from sales and marketing positions in the pharmaceutical industry, Schölander quickly adapted to his new role in a at the time still relatively small life science development company with 25 employees. When Heraeus bought Biomain in March 2012 the company had 40 employees. Heraeus Dental now employs 60 people in the Nordic countries, and the company is looking to expand further in the near future.

A broad range of aesthetic dental solutions
Biomain and Heraeus share the same core values and will continue to grow as one integrated company. Fredrik Jonsson: “The acquisition brought us a new range of products based on advanced digital technology under the collective brand cara. It covers the entire digital workflow from the impression of a patient’s teeth made by the dentist and on to the production of customized prosthetic in our high-tech plants in Sweden or Germany. On top we have a great range of dental materials for technicians and dentists to enable an aesthetic state of the art solution for the patient.”
Cara makes up a wide product range with high impact. Jonsson continues: “The future is digital, but there is still an expressed need to keep skills and knowledge of analogue, traditional solutions to supplement the new digital systems. The future requires integrated products combining hardware and software in a whole new way”.

Personal values matter
As part of an integrated, global company all expertise is collected in-house. “At the same time we will continue to maintain our spirit, the forward-striving courage that we used to build our company and the very same charisma that distinguished us from the rest when Heraeus was searching for a suitable partner. We will continue to focus on the Scandinavian market, although we are now part of something global. Our belief is that personal relations and values are still important, even in a digital world”, Bengt Schölander concludes.

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