Swecare gathers all key players in Swedish healthcare

Swecare Foundation is a member organisation and a platform for collaboration where all the key players in the Swedish healthcare system are working closely together. The Swedish government, county councils, universities and the private sector are all working towards a common goal: to create better opportunities for Swedish ideas and products to reach their full potential. Swecare is the arena where the public sector meets companies and research and together put Sweden on the map, acting as a door opener and developing the health care, in other countries as well as on the home market.

Swecare Foundation was established in 1978 by the Swedish government along with public and private stakeholders as a semi-governmental non-profit foundation. Today, Swecare has some 90 members and an additional 400 companies and organisations in its wide network of partners.
Member organisations are actively working with everything from development in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals to medical technology, as well as providing healthcare facilities and services.

Collaboration is the key
The international interest in the Swedish welfare model has exploded in recent years as issues related to access to health, lifestyle, a rapidly aging population, antibiotic resistance etc. ended up high on the agenda in most countries.
Swecare regularly receives requests from other countries concerning construction of entire hospitals, elderly care facilities and nursing homes.
“It is quite difficult for a single company to manage such a large investment; we can assist in the process by creating groups of companies who will be working together to deliver a complete solution. We believe that collaboration is the key, by working together companies and public organisations alike can offer a more complete solution that really meets the needs and challenges in modern healthcare”, says Swecare CEO Maria Helling.

Good results
In international comparisons, Sweden is one of the countries in the world having the best medical outcomes at a reasonable cost, up to ten per cent of our country's GDP is spent on health care.
“Swedish health care stands for high quality and reaches out to the entire population. We are however, facing challenges like everyone else. Challenges that we would like to address through international cooperation”.
“We have to encourage more innovative thinking in healthcare and there is a lot to learn from other countries. Sweden has a lot to offer when it comes to high-quality healthcare and we are particularly good at elderly care and maternity care. Sweden has for example the lowest number of maternal mortality and child mortality in the world and this is something that is recognized globally”, Maria Helling continues.

Collaboration with emerging countries
During 2011 Swecare was granted substantial funding from SIDA to support increased collaboration with developing countries around the world.
“We are currently looking at the possibility of more modern forms of cooperation with nations that are traditionally called developing countries. We have for example identified very attractive opportunities in Africa where we have a long history of development cooperation with several countries. Many countries in Africa have experienced double digit growth rates for a decade or more. These are numbers that most developed countries can only dream about. Other countries have already acknowledged the great business opportunities in this region and Sweden needs to wake up and do the same”, Maria Helling explains.

The future health care challenges are global and require global solutions. Swecare is a key actor when it comes to bringing out Swedish health care, elderly care and assistive devices to the rest of the world. When other countries are making substantial investments and reaching into new markets and new opportunities, our Swedish companies must be even more competitive. Swecare will together with the Swedish government, the academia and the private sector keep on promoting collaboration between our nation and other countries, a tradition that will be kept and yet more distinguished in the future.

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