Engineering for a healthier world

NNE Pharmaplan recently moved one of its Swedish offices to Medicon Village, the expansive and growing life science cluster in Lund. The company has a strong heritage in the life sciences covering everything from pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical development to the development of medical technology and devices. NNE Pharmaplan can basically build up an entire cross-functional manufacturing site complete with laboratories for development of new innovations, whether it be new drug targets or a new device used in microsurgery.

NNE Pharmaplan was initially founded as Novo Nordisk internal engineering department several decades ago. As the company later on acquired Pharmaplan, NNE Pharmaplan was eventually born as a stand-alone company with a continuing focus on engineering for a healthier world.
“We have built up a great expertise over the many years that we have been in operation. Many of our employees have been with us for decades and we are always sure to have access to an expert in-house who can advise on new projects. We also collaborate across geographical boundaries between our 30 offices worldwide”, says Sandra Larsson, Sales Manager at NNE Pharmaplan in Lund.

Assistance at all levels
Biopharmaceuticals and aseptic processing are in fact the roots of NNE Pharmaplan’s business and have been a core expertise throughout the years. Today, NNE Pharmaplan covers far more than that, also having well-established expertise in pharmaceuticals, vaccines and monoclonal antibodies. Further, the entire area of medical devices as well laboratory services and hardware are covered by the company as well.
“We usually summarise our offer as engineering for a healthier world, which is what we do. Our services can be applied to all areas of development within life science, but we do not have our own laboratories. What we offer is expertise and our extensive know-how. This is extremely valuable to any life science company on the verge of developing a new product or launching a new drug. We can be of assistance at all levels”, Sandra Larsson underlines.

Great opportunities in Medicon Village
Medicon Village provides a creative and productive environment for NNE Pharmaplan to continue its operations. The Swedish life science heritage is particularly strong in this area, providing great opportunities for companies of all sizes to join forces in order to become even more competitive on the European and global market.
“We have comprehensive expertise in both pharmaceutical and medical/health care development. We are above all a reliable partner for both small and large players, we aim to especially strengthen our neighbors here in Medicon Village which was also one of our goals as we moved here last year”, Sandra Larsson reveals.
Among the companies and organisations present in Medicon Village today perhaps the most well-known from previous outlines in media are the ESS European Spallation Source, the Lund Life Science Incubator and Max IV Laboratory, which is now under construction. Medicon Village hosts many more players of all sizes, all prospective clients of NNE Pharmaplan.

Swedish Life Science SNL 2013-2 - Affärstidningen Näringsliv

Näringsliv 2013-2

Huvudtema: Swedish Life Science
Huge interest for Swedish Life Science around the world

That the image of Sweden abroad is positive is nothing new, and currently we are seeing a significant renewed interest for what is happening within Swedish life science. At least, this is what Ola Björkman, CEO of Stockholm-Uppsala Life Science believes.

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