Sahlgrenska I.C  provides world leading specialist competence to foreign patients

During the spring of 2012 Sahlgrenska I.C. took an important step towards defining the future of highly specialized international health care in Region Västra Götaland. An agreement with the company’s main partner, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, was signed and as a result of this three areas of world leading competence have become more accessible to the rest of the world.

Sahlgrenska University Hospital’s clinics of Transplant surgery, Craniofacial surgery and treatments with Osseointegrated prostheses all tie leading and unique expertise to Region Västra Götaland. Now they have another thing in common. In early 2012 the flagship of western Swedish health care, Sahlgrenska University Hospital and Sahlgrenska I.C. signed an agreement in order to focus the region’s international offer to these three clinics.
– One part of our mission is to help Sahlgrenska University Hospital communicate their expertise internationally. These clinics offer treatments that are highly demanded and they turn to international markets because they have the capacity and strive to become even more prominent, says the Sahlgrenska I.C. CEO Marika Qvist.

A necessity for development
As a wholly owned subsidiary of Region Västra Götaland, founded in 1989, Sahlgrenska I.C. has been responsible for the Region’s international offer of highly specialized care and specialist education in medicine and dentistry for more than twenty years. The company’s task is to provide the quality of western Swedish health care on an international market, while ensuring that certain areas, such as the three mentioned above, are provided with the number of patients needed to maintain and enhance the standard of Sahlgrenska University Hospital’s unique competences.
– Certain clinics depend on a larger volume of patients than what we have in Sweden to make sure that highly qualified research can be performed with continuity, says Marika Qvist.
– It is a win-win situation where foreign patients get access to world leading specialist competence for their ailment, the foreign states are able to provide the best care possible and Region Västra Götaland gets the opportunity to maintain and further develop its world leading position within focused areas.

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