World Maritime University – serving the global maritime community

The World Maritime University (WMU), located in Malmö, Sweden, is the International Maritime Organization’s head institution for high-level maritime education and research. With the mission to serve the global maritime community in furtherance of IMO’s aims and objectives, WMU provides a platform for academic education including programs for master and PhD degrees. Former students of WMU are often found in very high societal positions worldwide.

WMU is truly an organization founded by and for the international maritime community. Established by an IMO Assembly Resolution in July 1983, its basic aim is to further enhance the objectives and goals of IMO and the organization’s member states around the world.

Developments over the last three decades
Back in the 1980ies, the primary goal of WMU was to provide education and training for maritime professionals. Today, the aim has shifted from practical training in favor of a strong academic model of education where research is integrated at all levels. Professor Björn Kjerfve, President at WMU, comments the development over the last three decades:
“The world has changed dramatically, and our area of work is no exception. Traditionally, our professors were originally sea captains and people with a lot of hands-on experience. Today, everyone we appoint has a postgraduate degree as well as maritime experience”.
In addition, WMU frequently hires guest lecturers directly from the industry, allowing students to enjoy a wide variety of lectures given by professors and experts from all over the world. There are at least some 150 different professors involved each year.

Looking to expand outreach teaching
Students from all over the world meet and interact at the WMU in Malmö. Over 160 different nationalities are represented. The university offers postgraduate studies with MSc and PhD degrees as well as remote distance education programs and short courses.
“We have successfully set up teaching program for two different MSc degrees in China; Maritime Affairs and International Transport Logistics. We have several hundred students attending both programs, and fly our professors to the teaching facilities in China each week. We have gained a lot of support from the Chinese government, and after this success we are now looking to expand our outreach teaching to include the Middle East and Latin America as well”, Björn Kjerfve continues.

Alumni obtaining high positions globally
Former students of WMU often reach very high positions globally. There are several examples; two alumni are currently holders of prominent positions within the Turkish government, where one is the Minister of Transport and Communications and the other is Minister of Defense.
Students of WMU are approximately 34 years old with 5 – 10 years of practical experience. All, 100 per cent, obtain a fixed position within the maritime industry after their studies. Around 37 per cent of the students today are women, and WMU employs three female professors providing good role models for female students of today and the future.

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Näringsliv 2012-1

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Näringsdepartementet leder arbetet med att ta fram en nationell innovationsstrategi med siktet ställt på 2020. Utvecklingen av strategin involverar alla departement och har bäring på många pågående processer inom olika politikområden som har betydelse för Sveriges långsiktiga innovationsklimat ...

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