Value-added liner agency services to maximise conditions on key markets

Maritime Transport & Agencies is a privately owned liner agency consisting of several shipping and forwarding companies with offices in northern Europe and Russia. The group represents international mariners operating worldwide.

With offices in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries as well as in Russia and Poland Maritime Transport & Agencies has a good coverage of the key markets around the North Sea and the Baltic Sea.
With head office in Gothenburg, Sweden, the group operates with a slim organisation offering a high level of service in forwarding, shipping and project transport. The company supports the Swedish and northern European industry in exporting high-demand products to key markets.
“We are extremely flexible in our offer. We have a wide network of mariners specialising in different areas of the world, ensuring the best possible solution for each client. We also ensure efficient handling of each query through modern systems and services, we have recently updated our main servers here in Gothenburg, as an example”, says Eva Mattsson, sales and marketing manager.

A dynamic industry
The shipping industry is dynamic and currently under dramatic change. Maritime Transport & Agencies is aiming to keep up with the market changes and invests largely in new technology and resources ensuring the best possible service for both clients and mariners.
“Our segment is extremely competitive, but we have ensured a strong position by offering a wide range of services. In all countries where we have offices today we offer the same services, focusing on fast, cost-efficient and timely operations”, Eva Mattsson continues.

Turn-key solutions
Maritime Transport & Agencies offers containerised transport from any inland point in ScanBaltic area. The service consists of a wholly-integrated solution involving all types of transport; by road, air, sea and rail. Maritime Transport & Agencies can thereby ensure that the client’s conditions to work on the desired market are maximised.
“We offer turn-key solutions on a highly competitive market. Our main strengths are flexibility and innovative thinking, we are able to adapt quickly and offer our clients a tailored service. This will ensure a prominent position for us in the future”, Eva Mattsson concludes.

Transport & Logistik SNL 2011-5 - Affärstidningen Näringsliv

Näringsliv 2011-5

Huvudtema: Transport & Logistik
Effektivare transport- och logistiksystem skapar gränsöverskridande möjligheter för en hållbar framtid

Förstärkta och uppdaterade infrastrukturella system skapar inte enbart affärsmöjligheter för vår industri. Genom att utveckla infrastrukturen i linje med ett grönt perspektiv bidrar vi till en hållbar utveckling ur flera perspektiv, där fler jobb skapas samtidigt som vi tillämpar intelligenta lösningar för att minska vår påverkan på miljön.

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