Ivar Lundh – a century of experience dedicated to the marine industry

Independent shipbrokers Ivar Lundh & Co AB, established in 1912, has developed into an important player within the marine industry. The company operates within four separate segments: Tanker chartering, Dry Cargo chartering, Agency (liner and port) and Sale & Purchase (S&P). A century’s worth or experience is dedicated to maximising the activities of Ivar Lundh’s clients and partners.

The principal owner of Ivar Lundh is the companyAB PJ Haegerstrands, with Stockholm Chartering as another major partner in. Both companies are widely active in various shipping segments and well-recognised as prominent partners throughout the marine industry.
“Our ownership structure is interesting as it helps us develop our large network further. We bring cargo and vessels together, ensuring the best possible service for each client with the best suited vessel for each mission”, Managing Director Peter Lundblad explains.

The ship owner’s extended arm
Ivar Lundh operates through four well-appointed departments for tanker and dry cargo chartering, agency work and S&P. Within the Tanker Department there are two major fields; competitive chartering of petroleum and chemical products, and an exclusive tanker department for commercial management and operation. The Dry Cargo Department handles all sort of dry bulk cargo, biomaterials are most common.
“As we also offer port agency services in Stockholm, Södertälje, Stora Vika, Nynäshamn and Bålsta we have become a key partner for international Owners whose vessels are entering these ports. We are the ship owner’s extended arm in terms of vessel clearance, contact with authorities and related services”.
Active winning team
The shipping world of today is surrounded by a large number of national, international and local regulations. It is of utmost importance for anyone working within transportation to maintain contact with companies such as Ivar Lundh to ensure a smooth operation across geographical boundaries.
“We are convinced that every company and active trader of various types of goods can see the benefit and advantage of contacting a shipping agency. With our extensive network and knowledge we are able to find and realise the best possible transportation alternatives for each client. We take pride in our 100-year history and experience, we have an active winning team with experts yearning to accept new challenges in the ambition to continue offering our customers the best and most efficient shipping services”, Peter Lundblad concludes.

Transport & Logistik SNL 2011-5 - Affärstidningen Näringsliv

Näringsliv 2011-5

Huvudtema: Transport & Logistik
Effektivare transport- och logistiksystem skapar gränsöverskridande möjligheter för en hållbar framtid

Förstärkta och uppdaterade infrastrukturella system skapar inte enbart affärsmöjligheter för vår industri. Genom att utveckla infrastrukturen i linje med ett grönt perspektiv bidrar vi till en hållbar utveckling ur flera perspektiv, där fler jobb skapas samtidigt som vi tillämpar intelligenta lösningar för att minska vår påverkan på miljön.

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