Technogarden: The right people in the right role

Technogarden Engineering Resources AB is a Nordic consultancy and recruitment agency with a focus on life sciences, information technology, engineering and telecommunications. The company’s 400 employees carry out hundreds of consultancy and recruitment assignments a year for the Nordic market.

Finding the right people for the right role in science and technology can be a challenge, as the needs for specialists increase, and the competition grows for the best-qualified candidates. Founded in 2003, and with 13 offices across Sweden and Norway, Technogarden Engineering Resources AB can used its staff’s specialist skills and years of experience to place the right people in short- and long-term roles – from pharma to food tech; from engineering to lab design; and from medtech to Android developers. The company's mission is to connect people with opportunities in technology.

"We can provide temporary consultants to meet immediate needs and provide support, and permanent staff for long-term recruitment needs," said Birgitta Andreasson, consultant manager at Technogarden’s Malmö office with a specialty on life sciences. "We are part of Norconsult AS, a Scandinavian engineering consulting company, and are wholly-owned by or employees. This makes us agile, with a short decision-making process."

Finding the right people
Technogarden Life Science's location near the Medicon Village gives its team access to a highly educated and experienced pool of people.
"Many of our employees have backgrounds in science and technology. This in-depth knowledge of the industry means that we can understand exactly what our clients need," said Andreasson, who herself has laboratory experience. "My focus is on the short term roles, providing a variety of people from bench scientists to interim managers, but we also recruit for permanent positions as well.
These temporary staff could be needed to provide cover for sick leave or maternity leave, or to fill a short-term skills gap. For example, a small life sciences manufacturing company may not need permanent quality control staff, but may need validation or CE marking for an individual project, or support to set up a new quality control process.
"Many of our consultants seeking temporary roles are quite senior, but we do also have more junior roles available, and this can be a good way for younger people to enter the workforce and gain experience," said Andreasson.

Making the difference
Technogarden Life Science is a relatively small agency, which aims to retain a personal relationship both with its clients, and with its consultants. This is particularly important in an industry where people move from short-term to long-term posts, and from being job-seekers to needing to recruit teams.
"We describe ourselves as a high quality, 'high touch' agency, keeping in close contact," says Andreasson.
Because the life sciences and tech industries move so fast, Technogarden Life Science also provides training and seminars on the latest breakthroughs, both for consultants and clients.
"We can support you throughout your business from product development to production - we pride ourselves in being a one-stop shop," said Andreasson.

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