A new approach to clean room control

The hygiene expert Resanitec, has developed a complete package of services to support their customers, in achieving compliance in critical environments.

The Life Science industry has been facing higher regulatory demands on hygiene control during the past 10 years. Traditionally, companies have been relying on a series of service providers, and a substantial in-house capacity, to manage the hygiene chain of clean rooms. The associated risks are often underestimated. Located at the Ideon Science park in Lund, Sweden, Resanitec is providing daily support to its clients, by closing dangerous gaps that develop in the hygiene chain.
Ali Ismail (CEO and founder): “By designing custom hygiene management protocols, our clients receive competent advice, effective products and comprehensive services. These services comprise mapping of clean rooms, cleaning and environmental control. We qualify new facilities as well as frequent control program”.

A strategic location of Resanitec’s analytical labs at Ideon, provides a valuable proximity to many client’s facilities. After sampling of air and surfaces in the clean room, samples are brought in for microbiology analysis.

Life Science SNL 2018-1 - Affärstidningen Näringsliv

Näringsliv 2018-1

Huvudtema: Life Science
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