Taking product development to the next level

Using chemistry as a starting point, many solutions can be found to problems faced by product developers in various companies and business segments. Operating somewhere in between science and industry, Colloidal Resource is looking to make the best out of the extensive resources available at Lund University in order to gain insight in industrial product development.

Colloidal Resource AB is a privately founded and owned research- and knowledge-oriented company based at the Lund University Chemical Center. The company was founded by scholars Karin Bryskhe and Anna Stenstam in 2005, shortly after they had obtained their Doctorate degrees from the Department of Physical Chemistry.
Today, Colloidal Resource consists of two subsidiaries focusing on contracted research (CR Competence AB) and in-house development (CR Development AB), respectively.
“Our activities are both academic and close to market. Our research is largely based on the same methods and structures as applied within the academic sphere. We also use the same tools and instruments, but with the significant difference that our results apply to commercial interest”, explains Anna Stenstam, CEO of CR Competence.

Scientific Due Diligence
In many ways, CR Competence is a fully equipped research institute, with full access to the extensive resources at the Chemical Center in Lund.
“Operating close to academic researchers brings added value to our services. Initially, what we provide is scientific Due Diligence, verifying the ideas that will eventually bring success to our client’s product development projects”, says Anna Stenstam.
Interestingly, chemistry is used to solve problems related to effective and safe product development in anything from agriculture to health care and cosmetics, as well as new material design and medical technology. CR Competence operates widely across all these disciplines, offering a tailored service that brings the very best from science to real problem solving within business.

Strategic partner through research
There are many success stories since the initiation in 2005. During the years, CR Competence has been an important strategic partner through research to many of the world’s titans in pharmaceutical development, health care and cosmetics, for example.
In a recent project, the company has worked very closely with a client on a product development issue that has implications on almost everything from the processing pump pressure to the end-customer’s appreciation of the product.
Through thorough research, including testing and verifying at all stages from sample development to appropriate containers and packaging, CR Competence has been able to present reliable results to assist in the decision making related to further development of the product. In several projects, the goal is to obtain a deeper understanding of the mechanism of action correlated to consumer appreciation, to be able to optimize processes as well as products.
What is unique here is that the projects can require all expertise and knowledge collected within Colloidal Resource, and together with client experience, the team is able to present results and innovations that take product development to the next level.

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