Maintain a healthy lifestyle with a little help from science

Most of us are aware that a varied and balanced diet is beneficial to our health. Despite increased general knowledge of how the food that we eat affects us, more and more people become obese and many also suffer from related health problems as an effect of that. These health issues have become a heavy burden on society, not only in terms of human suffering but also being a large strain on the health care system.

Researchers from Lund are investigating why and how obesity has become a general and widespread health issue. It is often related to other diseases such as inflammation, hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidaemia and cardiovascular disease, and despite the fact that each and every one of the mentioned diseases has an impact on life-expectancy; the treatments are scarce around the globe.

A heavy trend
In order to answer the question as to why obesity is increasing on a global scale, scientists have analysed the actual driving forces behind our behaviour around food. They soon identified a heavy trend, and the fact that more and more people become obese is not at all surprising when looking at the results.
“There seems to be a change in attitude towards food in that it is no longer a means of survival, but a reward that is connected to the release of feel-good hormones in the brain”, explains researcher Charlotte Erlanson-Albertsson, co-founder of the research-oriented biopharmaceutical company Thylabisco in Lund.
It is in particular palatable foods, containing a lot of fat and sucrose that are damaging to our health – but at the same time we crave this type of food as it is related to the brain’s reward system. In order to attack the problem at the core, the research team soon became aware that targeting the brain’s reward system was the best solution.

Suppress hunger – and increase reward?
Focusing on novel therapies to defeat obesity, Thylabisco has after many years of research originating from Lund University developed and introduced a completely natural treatment marketed as Aptiless. This biopharmaceutical product suppresses the signals of hunger in combination with effectively releasing signals of reward to the brain. You are wondering how it gets done? Charlotte Erlanson-Albertsson has the answer:
“By relying on thylakoids, membranes from the chloroplasts in green leaves such as spinach, Aptiless creates a feeling of being full for longer after each meal. Cravings are suppressed as the digestive process is made slower. Essentially, what Aptiless does it actually to enhance functions that we already have inside our bodies, but that are not used to their full potential”.

Can revolutionise obesity care
Aptiless promotes the release of satiety signals to the brain, and we feel content with less food. It sounds simple, but it actually works – as several studies on obese women have proven. In these studies, most of the women were able to lose weight after only a few weeks.
“As Aptiless effectively and completely naturally increases fat-burning activity in the body and at the same time reduces food intake, the benefits become evident after only a few weeks. Most of the women were able to reduce their waist measurements and we measured a decrease in blood sugar levels and well as blood lipids”, says Charlotte Erlanson-Albertsson.
Aptiless can revolutionise obesity care. Through Thylabisco the product is currently promoted at health care clinics and hospitals in Scandinavia as well as in the USA.

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