An attractive place to stay in Lund

Lund is making every effort to maintain the city’s tradition as a center for research and development. And it seems to be a successful project too, manifested through the establishment of ESS and MAX IV. When these research-oriented plants are initiated, Lund will have more visitors than ever. This is something that the owners of The Little Hotel, located at the heart of the city, are looking forward to.

With an increased emphasis on the availability of attractive places to stay in or close to the city center of Lund, The Little Hotel has everything to gain – as well as a lot to offer. The hotel consists of five townhouses, all genuine, beautiful buildings from the 1800s with the best possible location, but somehow forgotten until a few years ago.
“We have been living the area for many years, and we often marveled at how amazing these buildings were – or could be – if someone would take proper care of them. Me and my husband decided to buy the townhouses, with a keen interest in renovating them”, says Hotel Manager and co-owner Susanne Källrot.

A lot of character
The original character and personality of the buildings remain to this day, but all five have been completely renovated.
“Formerly home to a gas station, auto repair shop and a shoe factory, the premises needed a lot of work – but we knew that it would be worth it. Our ambition was to restore a part of Lund’s culture and tradition, and we believe we have been successful while at the same time creating a hotel with a lot of character”, Susanne continues.
The traditional touch, retaining the rustic look and feel, has been carefully preserved. But at the same time, The Little Hotel is kitted up with all the possible features sought after by the modern traveler. All 26 rooms are individually decorated with a varied number of colours and details in every room, providing a homely feel just like Susanne Källrot had hoped.

Genuine and personal
Being a preferred option especially among business travelers, The Little Hotel essentially offers a genuine and personal service throughout the stay.
“Right from the beginning we knew that we wanted to create something new in Lund, something that would make our hotel stand out. And we started to build a concept around that. As an example, we will never open a restaurant here as it would mean a step too far away from our values”.
The Little Hotel serves a healthy homemade breakfast and refreshments throughout the day, but guests will have to venture out on the town for lunch and dinner. Susanne Källrot explains that it is a deliberate choice, keeping the hotel’s character and personality.
“There is a wide range of restaurants nearby. We know that our guests appreciate the freedom and opportunity to be able to come and go as they please. To get out and exercise a little is good for everyone. We have a great choice of restaurants and cafés within walking distance”.

Remembering Lund
Susanne is a trained physiotherapist and thinks it is important to spread knowledge about healthy habits. This is also reflected in the way the hotel is run. To conclude, she adds:
“If you want to remember where you stayed when you were in Lund, The Little Hotel is definitely a good option. We are an important part of the overall experience of the city”.

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