Optilon – Nordic number one integrating Advanced Planning Systems

Optilon combines knowledge and expertise within Supply Chain Management with the implementation of Advanced Planning Systems to optimise core processes and decision making in companies striving to go further.

All companies are initially established as a result of some market demand. The demand and market dynamics determine growth and present potential turns for the company. In order to seize the presented opportunities, one of the most important factors is good decision making based on solid information and sound planning systems.
With over 300 implementations, Optilon is the Nordic number one for tailored services within Supply Chain Management and Advanced Planning Systems. Clients are primarily in the segments of manufacturing, distribution and logistic and retail.

Creating balance
Optilon helps companies achieve balance in delivery, maintenance and capital investments, optimising efficiency in the core processes and decision making.
“We represent some of the most efficient and innovative Supply Chain Management applications available today. Our solutions are rated top-of-the-range based on the latest technology and expertise in our field. What we offer is a tailored service to maximise performance”, Optilon CEO Richard Barkevall states.

Under expansion
The services offered by Optilon are all-comprehensive, including processes, organisation, and IT-management. Optilon primarily cooperates with large companies and organisations, focusing on complex decision making and strategic growth.
“We are under expansion, estimating that our own organisation will double in size over the next three years. Our strongest point is that we have the ability to transform our clients’ processes into strategic planning systems”, Barkevall continues.
Optilon employs mathematical experts and masters of engineering. The overall goal is to obtain a high level of competence based on a mix of academic knowledge and market experience. Optilon additionally maintains advanced collaboration with prominent universities and institutes for higher education all over Sweden, assisting in both education and research activities.

Operating on all levels
By applying a Supply Chain Matrix Optilon gains an overview of the client’s fundamental business processes and government – including strategic, tactical and operational levels.
“We develop a strategy and implement Advanced Planning Systems on all levels. Few other players on the market can offer the same level of support based on all-comprehensive services today. We will continue in the same course, steering our clients to further growth by creating balance”, Rickard Barkevall concludes.

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Näringsliv 2010-5

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At the core of sustainable development

Enforced and improved infrastructural systems are not only creating more opportunities for new and growing companies. By developing our infrastructure in line with the governmental green perspective we are at the core of sustainable development, where more jobs are generated while at the same time creating intelligent solutions to reduce our impact on the environment.

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